Our Quik Laundry Self Service Laundromat is Now Open


Doing Laundry. The Quik Way.

Fresh Fitouts

Our facilities are modern, clean and relaxing. Large open designs with full security so you can do your Laundry in a stress free environment.

Large and Fast Machines

Our large, new machines are capable of washing up to 4 baskets of laundry at a time. Our express dryers operate on gas and are the quickest on the market.

Cashless System

We have taken care of all the little things. Simple swipe card payments to all washers and dryers . You just need to turn up with your laundry.


Self Service Laundromat FAQ’s

What is the Quik Laundry difference?

At Quik laundry, we want to make a space that our customers can enjoy. We all have to do laundry, let's do it in a relaxing cool environment.

How long does a typical cycle take?

A wash takes 30 minutes, with drying time varying between 30-40 minutes.

Are the machines eco friendly?

Our machines are the most efficient on the market. The are front loader style washers and use much less water than traditional top loaders.

How do I pay?

All our facilities are cashless, all you need is a card to swipe and you are good to go.